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SS7 to Diameter – A new challenge for operators

Interconnection specialists Squire Technologies launch new SS7 to Diameter interworking function solution, helping solve interconnection challenges between legacy and NGN platforms. Download our Diameter Interworking case study Interworking between...

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Learn how to build a more profitable MVNO business

Assessing and resolving challenges for MVNOs to build a more profitable business Despite market saturation, the MVNO model continues to prove attractive to new entrants and established players alike. There are more than 650 MVNOs around the world...

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Moving from SS7 & Radius to Diameter

Diameter is coming, but probably not as quickly as analysts would have you believe. But even if you are not considering Diameter directly, migration in peer networks may have an impact on your network. It’s time to consider how to protect your network...

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Confronting End-of-Life for Softswitches

How to protect your investments and maintain SS7 and VoIP interconnections What do you do if a key vendor announces ‘End of Life’ (EoL) for a critical part of your network infrastructure? It’s a common problem and operators have to plan for such eventualities....

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