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Virtual Reality in the Remote Office Over 5G? Dream on

5G is a game-changer, but don’t be distracted by the speculation about augmented reality offices for remote working. Focus on what matters – better conventional networks and private 5G for demanding use cases. Sanjeev Verma is CEO of Squire Technologies...

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The Rise and Rise of SMISHING

There has been a huge 328% rise in recorded Smishing attacks during 2020 alone with it becoming a favourite tactic of cyber criminals to defraud mobile subscribers. Here we look at the rise and rise of Smishing fraud and how mobile operators can proactively...

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

With telecoms being such a large part of Africa’s economy, fraud is seen as serious threat. The continent is proving to be resourceful and agile in the face of a challenging threat landscape. The innovative and collaborative approach that Africa's...

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The Future of Connected Cars and 5G

With all of the recent hype, regarding connected cars, it’s easy to forget that the connected car evolution actually started back in 1996 with the release of GM’s OnStar to the market. Since then the progression has been fast paced leading to the connected...

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The Death of the Mobile Phone Contract

In 2007 Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, a revolution for the smartphone, combining the iPod, Phone and Internet in one easy to use device. The creation of the App Store promised one device with infinite uses. The Mobile phone market has grown...

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eSIM Threat to Future of MVNO’s

The global Coronavirus pandemic has brought new life to the wearables market and in-turn greater adoption of eSIM technology among telecoms operators. As remote working and a focus on health drives sales of smartwatches and eHealth devices we ask whether...

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