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The rise of diverse mobile networks

Mobile networks will become increasingly complicated as operators invest in standalone 5G (SA5G), despite switching off 2G and 3G. Without signalling interworking between 4G and various 5G types, network management will be challenging, and consumers...

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Solving the UK’s digital skills gap

Digital skills are integral to everyday life and almost all careers, but the UK’s digital skills gap is widening. Despite years of trying, the government has failed to encourage more students to take up Computer Science (CS) in schools. So, the team...

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Is there a future for SMS?

SMS is the living dead of communications. Drown it, set it on fire, throw it off a cliff; nothing can kill it. Despite years of business leaders foretelling the death and replacement of SMS, it’s still here and making money. So, what gives this simple...

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Squire Technologies launches Mirus

Squire Technologies is delighted to introduce Mirus, an all-inclusive, revenue-generating messaging platform for operators. Mirus’s design gives operators easy access to new revenue streams by unlocking the full value of messaging.

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A2P SMS strategies – What should I watch out for?

Solid A2P SMS strategies are pivotal for capitalising on A2P market opportunities. Trustworthy partnerships are an essential part of those strategies. Otherwise, you can fall victim to grey-route scammers or cyber criminals and lose revenue.

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Aruba gets a network upgrade

Remote working just got a bit sunnier. Aruba’s leading technology, media, and telecoms provider is making it easier for locals and visitors to the island to have fast, secure, and reliable mobile connectivity. So, the remote working dream of listening...

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