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Powering the Connected Car Revolution

As the automotive revolution continues we look at Cubic Telecom, a world leading innovator in the connective car market, and how they're working with the world's leading automotive brands including Audi and Volkswagen to bring smart connectivity to their customers.

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Connecting the unconnected | Featured in Northern African Wireless Communications

There is no shortage of talk regarding the benefits of 5G, and barely a day passes without hearing about the latest 5G network deployment. But – while we all sign up to the ambition of gigabit connectivity and a generation of new innovative services, from mobile streaming 8K video to untethered, augmented reality it’s important to appreciate there’s a difference between creating a demand and fulfilling a need. For Africa that need is to connect the unconnected.

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Ban Huawei if you like

Our government’s decision to ban Chinese tech equipment maker Huawei from all British communications networks by 2027 has thrown serious doubt into what had only recently seemed a settled national plan on how we would migrate our critical telecommunications to the next level: 5, for 5th, generation mobile comms.

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