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Powering the Connected Car Revolution

As the automotive revolution continues we look at Cubic Telecom, a world leading innovator in the connective car market, and how they're working with the world's leading automotive brands including Audi and Volkswagen to bring smart connectivity to...

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Closing Down Illegal Bypass Fraud in South Africa

Working with a South African tier 1 telecoms operator struggling to deal with the impact of international bypass fraud, Squire Technologies’ MavenShield fraud prevention solution was integrated and deployed as part of a comprehensive Network Protection...

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Ban Huawei if you like

Our government’s decision to ban Chinese tech equipment maker Huawei from all British communications networks by 2027 has thrown serious doubt into what had only recently seemed a settled national plan on how we would migrate our critical telecommunications...

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Combatting SIM Swap Fraud

SIM Swap fraud has seen a colossal rise of over 400% in the last five years. Hijacking a victims phone and accessing their email, bank and social media accounts has devastating effects on their lives. We look at how telecoms operators can better play...

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Enabling Next Generation E-9-1-1 Services

INdigital have pursued the goal of providing an international model for wireless emergency communications. Beginning in the late 90’s when they became the first company to utilize end-to-end IP technologies for E911 voice and location...

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Squire Technologies Work From Home Luxuries

As the Coronavirus lockdown is extended here in the UK we ask our colleagues here at Squire Technologies what they consider as their 'work from home luxuries'; things they wouldn't ordinarily have at their disposal at work that are making life a little...

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