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Squire hit the race circuit for a Christmas Grand Prix

Looking forward to a well deserved Christmas break at the end of a successful year the team at Squire Technologies HQ hit the race circuit at Wessex Raceway to let off some steam and burn some rubber! Having drawn names out of the hat to decide upon...

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mPaaS Managed Platform as a Service

The business model for today’s operator is a heady mix of innovation, flexibility and the need to maintain margins on existing revenue. Although there is undoubtably call for fully hosted services we recognised the majority of our clients want the...

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Sure enable 4G OSS interop in 3G network

With mobile networks constantly evolving and 5G firmly on the horizon the need for a seamless interworking product that enables operators to deliver tomorrows services while protecting legacy revenues has never been more paramount. As Sure International...

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Avengers Endgame Film Review

April 26th saw the release of the much anticipated final chapter in the Avengers film franchise. With plenty of Avengers fans in the office the Squire Technologies team were treated to a private viewing of the film. Following this our colleague Adam...

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Why SMS is Purpose Built for IoT

Quite a bold statement considering SMS is a technology that’s 30 x years old and nobody had heard of IoT 5 x years ago. So how come? In the first instance the use of SMS to transport data to and from remote devices is not new. We worked with a Swedish...

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How a Diameter Interworking Function Works

As 4G networks are rolled out into a hybrid mix of legacy 2G & 3G networks, operators deploy a Diameter Interworking Function or IWF to ensure their Diameter networks can successfully interconnect with multiple vendors, implementing multiple signalling...

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