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Advanced core network security with 5G Edge Protection Proxy

The secure-by-design SVI-SEPP provides future-ready authorisation, authentication, and subscriber policy security across 5GNR core networks.

5G Security Edge Protection Proxy SEPP

From the edge of the 5GNR network, the Security Edge Protection Proxy enables secure exchange of the authentication, authorisation, and subscriber policy. Unlike 4G, security is built into 5G through the 3GPP standards and the SEPP.

The 5G SVI-SEPP enables topology hiding, message normalisation and filtering, DOS and DDOS protection, load balancing and congestion control functionality for 5G PLMNs (Public Land Mobile Networks) transmissions.

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Security Edge Protection Proxy

Deploying the advanced 5G SVI-SEPP provides tighter security and normalisation as part of the 5G HTTP/2 Signalling Controller:

Network Edge Security Diagram 5G
  • Topology Hiding
    Application-level concealing of HTTP/2 message identity information leaving a local realm.

  • Security
    The 5G SVI-SEPP provides topology hiding, DoS and DDoS protection while delivering load balancing and congestion control.

  • Message Filtering
    5G SVI-SEPP message screening scans all traffic to determine what enters the network and from where.

  • Admission Control
    Full configuration in terms of protocol compliance and custom policy setup, filtering, comparison to deny/allow listing, throttling and message manipulation.

  • DoS, DDoS Protection
    The SEPP protects HTTP/2 servers and networks from overload and signalling storms brought on by DoS and DDoS attacks.

  • Transport over TLSPSecn
    IPSec and Transport Layer Security allow for intra-realm security providing advanced encryption between endpoints.

  • Onboard Firewall
    Networks and subscribers are protected from privacy leaks and denial of service attacks by the Security Edge Protection Proxy’s onboard HTTP/2 firewall.

  • Overload Protection
    Optimise management of 5GNR core networks with advanced load balancing and throttling.

  • Message Normalisation
    Ensure the message normalisation across 5GNR networks with SEPP-based mediation.

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High Availability

Carrier-grade reliability is supplied through a comprehensive range of high-availability options.

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Carrier-grade reliability is supplied through a comprehensive range of high-availability options.

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A comprehensive web-based management system delivers on-board configuration, monitoring and debugging.

Commercial Off The Shelf

Supplied on standard Dell servers.

Virtual or Cloud Deployment

Virtual Machine deployed on industry-standard servers in a data centre environment using a hypervisor, i.e. VMware, or Virtual Network Function (VNF) in AWS, OpenStack, Nokia and Google cloud infrastructure.

Enhanced Network Functions

Network functions are faster with network function virtualisation architectures and containerisation.

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