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Voice over LTE (VoLTE) enables 4G LTE operators to offer rich voice, video and messaging services. Our products enable smooth transition to a VoLTE based network and rapid delivery of VoLTE services.


The deployment of Squire Technologies products and utilisation of our specialist signalling services will deliver the following immediate benefits in a VoLTE network:

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    Optimal use of radio bandwidth delivering substantial cost savings

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    Voice quality assurance

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    Rapid support for multi-vendor VoLTE handsets

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    Enable multi-device, single-number services

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    Enable Rich Communication Services RCS(e) to SMS inter-op

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    Enable seamless 4G to traditional VoIP / 2G / 3G / PSTN interconnect

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    Ongoing support for the rollout of new and innovative VoLTE services

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At the signalling core of a VoLTE network is our SVI-SBC Session Border Controller product. The SVI-SBC acts as both a proxy and a B2BUA allowing it to dynamically manage signalling and media traffic that needs translating in the core of the network whilst proxying the remaining traffic. With half a decade of international carrier-grade deployment the SVI-SBC can guarantee optimised signalling interconnect in a VoLTE network delivering:

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    Support for VoLTE Pre-Conditions
    – Manage end-to-end bandwidth with support for VoLTE pre-conditions
    – Insure Voice Quality
    – Rapidly deploy new VoLTE handsets and manage interconnect issues from handset OS upgrades

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    Support for multi-device, single-number services
    – Manage multiple subscriber registration for softphone app’s across multiple devices – tablets, laptops, mobiles
    – Manage subscriber forking on calls across multiple devices on multiple networks
    – Retain a single number per subscriber

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    Support for signalling and media inter-op with traditional VoIP devices and App enabled softphones
    – SIP signalling inter-op and media transcoding between AMR, AMR-WB, Opus and G711, G729 and G723 *for a full list of codec support please see here*

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IP Short Message Gateway

At the heart of the problem is that 2G/3G networks are built upon legacy SS7 protocol technology, whereas 4G LTE networks are developed around the Diameter protocol.

What is required is a bridge between these technologies, one that will seamlessly allow the sharing of policy, charging and authentication information.

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VoLTE Media Gateways

Squire Technologies carrier-grade Media Gateways (SVI_MG) and Media Gateway Control Function (SVI_MGCF) provide a seamless breakout to the PSTN. Coupled with Squire Technologies’ specialist installation and commissioning services insures a comprehensive delivery of the VoLTE Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF).

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Further Information

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