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The SVI-GMSC provides MVNO’s with a leading edge Gateway MSC product that delivers above and beyond a traditional GMSC to allow rapid service enablement and seamless interconnect between todays Diameter, SIP and legacy SS7 networks.

Network Interconnect

The Gateway Mobile Switching Centre seamlessly enables full inter-op across todays 3G / 4G LTE / VoIP and PSTN networks. This enables MVNO’s to rapidly build and deliver their services in todays evolving networks, confident that they can interface to yesterdays legacy networks.

gmsc integration diagram

Network Integration

Delivered as a bolt-on component to our range of Session Border Controllers, Diameter Interworking Function and Signalling Transfer Point & Gateway products insures seamless integration and cost savings for our customers. The SVI-GMSC can be enabled and delivered as part of our:

  • Session Border Controller enables single border gateway functionality between 4G/IMS and 2G/3G networks
  • Diameter Interworking Function provides DIAMETER integration
  • Standalone mini STP & SG’s deliver cost saving for SS7 integration
gmsc integration puzzle diagram

Service Delivery

If an operator is looking to launch a range of services via the GMSC they can choose to deploy Squire Technologies Telephony Application Server product the SVI-TAS. This allows operators to rapidly define, configure and launch new services into their network.

Tightly integrated with the entire SVI product the SVI-TAS operates over clearly defined API’s that present an abstracted version of the underlying DIAMETER, SIP, CAMEL, MAP etc signalling. It can be driven by either Squire Technologies python based client (SVI_TAC) or by operators 3rd party applications.

gmsc tas image

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