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smsc header webSMSC Short Message Service Center

With the continuing growth of A2P and MVNO SMS traffic the SVI-SMSC offers not only an out-of-the-box, feature rich, carrier grade SMSC but with innovative service logic technology it allows clients to rapidly provision new revenue generating value added services.


The SVI-SMSC product insures reliable and scalable SMS delivery with complex routing, filtering, subscriber management and billing support as standard. Software only delivery insures full NFV compliance with physical E1/T1/STM-1 TDM interconnect provided using the SVI-SMSG SMS Gateway product.




Feature Rich

Deployed worldwide and compliant with all major industry standards delivering a comprehensive carrier grade SMSC

Rapid Development

Future Proof

Flexible service logic and open interfaces enables rapid delivery of new ‘service differentiating’ value added services


Advancements & Additions


Modular design provides support for high load A2P applications allowing clients to scale
to 50,000 SMS/s

Rapid Development

Cost Effective

Low cost entry price with flexible license model to match budget expectations, scale of deployment and future growth


Open Flow Service Logic

The SVI-SMSC uses the innovative Open Flow Service Logic technology to deliver comprehensive and robust SMSC functionality:

  • SMS Delivery
  • Store and Forward, Retries, Throttling
  • Routing
  • Home Routing, LCR, Priority, Multiple Network
  • Filtering
  • Black List / White List
  • Filter against SMS content, MAP, MTP and SCCP
  • Mobile Number Portability
  • Roaming
  • Pre-pay and Real Time Charging

This service logic technology can be used to rapidly provision new, innovative, value-added-services in realtime. Our clients either provision the new services themselves or make use of Squire Technologies provisioning team.


 openflow chart3

Open Interfaces

The SVI-SMSC’s Open Interfaces provides support for a range of industry standard interfaces:


This allows ease of integration into clients OSS/BSS infrastructure with communication to the SVI-SMSC provided over our clients preferred interface(s).

Combining the Open Flow Service Logic and the Open Interfaces enables the SVI-SMSC to deliver a flexible, future proof solution driven by our clients evolving requirements.

 open interfaces