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The Subscriber Management Suite delivers, across a common platform, carrier grade HSS, HLR, EIR and AuC databases.

Complete Subscriber Management

The SVI-SMS Subscriber Management Suite consolidates subscriber details in a centralised database providing converged registration, authentication and location updates. Seamless support for network interfaces allows rapid deployment in LTE / IMS / EPC and GSM networks.

This flexible, integrated approach allows operators to easily extend existing databases and significantly lower network migration costs.

SDS architecture diagram

Provides centralisation of subscriber details in one logical place.

Cost Effective
Rapidly extend or replace existing subscriber databases.

Start small with a single virtual instance and scale to meet demand.

Powerful API’s
Allow all functions to be interfaced by OSS / BSS over SOAP

Support on the same deployment and multiple network appearances within the same tenant.

svi gmsc

Need to interconnect to legacy SS7 services? – Take a look at our SVI-GMSC

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Download our SVI-SMS Subscriber
Management Suite Presentation

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Specialised SS7 STP for interworking Traditional & NGN Networks