The SVI-MG SS7 Media Gateway enables Next Generation VoIP and VoLTE / IMS networks to seamlessly interconnect to legacy PSTN and mobile 2G & 3G networks.

Seamlessly interconnect

The SVI-MG range of Media Gateways are a fully featured, carrier grade product with a flexible and powerful routing engine and comprehensive web based GUI.

The SVI Media Gateway is offered in two models, the SVI-MG 1000 and SVI-MG 8000 to satisfy clients deployment requirements and budget.

With full support for VoLTE and IMS based standards the SVI-MG provides a full Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF). A mature, proven, carrier grade technology packed with feature rich capabilities derived from over a decade of global deployments.

  • Global Deployment
    The SVI-MG product has been deployed globally since 2005

  • Multi-Region Support
    Comprehensive support for 40+ SS7 country variants and ANSI to ETSI translation

  • Extendable
    Benefit from array of api’s to deliver number portability, billing, CNAM, lawful intercept etc

  • Scalable
    Expand capacity inline with your network growth

SVI-MG 1000

This entry level media gateway product is a fully featured SS7 to
VoIP signalling solution, scaling from 1 E1s to 72.

SVI-MG 8000

High performance blade server, supporting STM-1 and
DS-3 interfaces. Scaling from 16 to 1000 E1/T1s.


  • Redundancy
    Carrier Grade Redundancy
    No single point of failure

  • OA&MConfiguration
    Monitoring & Debug

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Further Information

Download our SVI-MG 1000 Media Gateway Datasheet

Download our SVI-MG 8000 Media Gateway Datasheet

Download our SVI-MG Media
Gateway Presentation

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